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Philosophy on Food

As an eternal optimist (and realist), I believe that food is GOOD.
Food is meant to give us energy, nourish our bodies, prevent chronic disease, help us feel good, reduce stress (not increase it), and last but not least, to be enjoyed.

 Most foods are not perfect, but many foods are really close to it; these can fit into a healthy way of eating, as long they are balanced by other foods in the right proportions and frequencies.


There is no one perfect diet for the general population. Historically, we are aware of multiple populations whose longevity exceeds all others. Within these diets there is some commonality, but in general, they are all very different. This motivates me in my practice and belief - each client may have multiple ways of eating to thrive.


It is my prerogative to help you find your unique balance with the ultimate goals of:


- Optimizing your nutrition

- Nourishing your body

- Preventing or reacting to chronic diseases

- Reducing stress related to food

- Helping  you feel well with plenty of energy

- Enjoying delicious foods

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