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Appointment Descriptions & Fees

Individual Initial Appointment

New Leaf Nutrition LLC is currently only seeing patients virtually during the Pandemic. We continue to accept Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance and Harvard Pilgrim Insurance. We strongly encourage you to check for medical nutrition therapy coverage in your plan. Additionaly, please check need  for referrals and prior authorization. Please visit NLN policies for more details.

Ideal choice for new patients. These appointments last 75 minutes and includes a full medical and nutrition history review. The session is individualized to each patient and helps you to establish and meet your own goals based on where you are in your life. Includes suggestions & education based on the most up to date nutrition research. Additionally, includes a strong focus on mindful eating.

Cost: $176

Individual Follow-up Appointment

Follow up appointments for patients previously seen within the last year range from 30-60 minutes.

Baseline Cost: $121

Nutrition Mini Bite

A Nutrition Mini Bite is  a 30 minute session with Julia, the Registered Dietitian. Mini bites will include a nutrition  evaluation, a review of your personal goals & a plan on how to achieve them, and nutrition recommendations based on the most up to date nutrition research.

Cost: $88

Group Nutrition Appointments

Are you and your friends always talking about food, nutrition, and/or weight loss etc...?


Join a group session of two to three friends, acquaintances, and/or future friends with the Registered Dietitian who will provide you with personalized assessments, weight management counseling & monitoring, up to date nutrition information, fun & easy meal/snack ideas, and tips on mindful eating. Also, benefit from the naturally built in peer support from each session.  Sessions will be scheduled 2 times per month or 4 times per month depending on your group preferences (4 times per month will be shorter appointments ~15 minutes). Initial appointments will be approximately 45-60 minutes. 


If you are a group of 2-3 OR an idividual who wants to join a group, email for more information!

Cost:  $70 per month per person for 3 person group and $100 per month per person for a 2 person group.

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