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Specialties & Interests

Weight loss


There are so many  ways to lose weight (and many are very temporary). I believe that for each individual person, there is a  "best" way that may actual change through life. My goal is to find your "best" way of eating and combine it with anti inflammatory and chronic disease fighting diet properties in order to optimize your health and maintain weight that is lost, all while nourishing a great relationship with delicious tasting foods.

Similarly to weight loss, many people work very hard to gain weight in order to establish better health. One of my favorite forms of counseling is helping you to find small ways to add nutrient and calorie dense nutrition to your diet. The goal is to help you establish a weight that is healthy for you with nutrient rich foods.


Playing hard requires eating better. It is imperative to take your sport into serious consideration when developing an optimal diet for you. Nutrition will not only help you to be stronger or faster, but it will help healing, maintaining health, and reducing risk of chronic diseases after training or competition.

Sports Nutrition

Weight Gain


Whether your goal is to improve your nutrition to prevent cancer, manage nutrition through treatment, OR to prevent cancer from coming back, it is important to be aware that ALL of us need anti-cancer nutrition.  Reducing cancer risk through a three stage process will help you to slowly make changes that will stick. The three stages include weight management, plant based diets, and specific inclusion of well studied cancer-fighting foods. This is not a cure for cancer, but an opportunity for you to do everything you can  to reduce your risks of cancer and other chronic diseases, AND improve your well being.

Tube Feeding

I have over eight years of clinical experience in helping patients  - adults and children - handle tube feedings. Your opinion matters in managing your nutrition. If you need help adjusting your tube feeding formula, timing, administration, or are experiencing side effects from your feeds, I have the expertise to help.


I can work with both pre-made formula-fed patients, as well as blenderized home tube feedings. Blenderized home tube feedings can either be as complicated as making your own formula completely from scratch, or as simple as adding a piece of fruit or vegetable to your already made delivered formula.

I am happy to coordinate with your home health care company and/or primary care physician for deliveries, communication, and prescription requests. Additionally, I have access to consultant RNs and NPs for further support as needed. 

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