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      Cozy New Year Nutrition Workshop:


Revamp Your Way of Eating for the New Year

     Sunday January 24 at Green Tea Yoga 2-3:30pm

              $15 preregistered & $20 at the door

Preregister at under Events & Workshops

Have you ever made a food or weight related New Year’s resolution and later you found yourself losing interest or quitting after 2 hours, 2 days, 2 weeks, 2 months, or even 2 years?


Is your goal a quick fix OR would you actually like to improve your health to support you in improving energy & immune system, losing weight, and/or improving physical fitness?


If so, join me for a warm drink at my cozy New Year’s Nutrition workshop to learn, eat, and interact with new friends. You will leave with:


  • How to come up with nutrition goals and stick to them

  • The nuts and bolts on why don’t “diets” work?

  • Balanced Nutrition & What it really means

    • Pairing foods for optimal energy, fullness, and supporting physical fitness

    • The truth about eating after 6pm.

    • How often should you really eat?

    • How mindful eating plays a role

  • Samples of my tasty, healthy, easy snacks in addition to complimentary tea & coffee

  • 6 Easy Healthy Meal Ideas & Recipes

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